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Our reports go beyond mere data compilation; they serve as a transformative tool, converting potential risks into actionable insights. Whether you're navigating compliance requirements, conducting internal audits, or guiding technical teams, they streamline your security decision-making process.


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Choose your template, whether it's for an executive summary, compliance, or development.

Commercial Report

Tailored to cater to those immersed in the intricate technical facets of cybersecurity, this report provides an in-depth technical exploration of vulnerabilities, allowing for comprehensive analysis. By unraveling the risks and offering detailed insights, it equips cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge necessary to understand vulnerabilities and plans to solving them.

Executive Report - Coming Soon !

Designed for strategic decision-makers, our Executive Report illustrates the complexity of your vulnerability scans in a high-level overview, augmented by a meticulously crafted action plan featuring prioritized tasks. This approach ensures that key stakeholders are equipped with the essential information needed to make strategic decisions more effectively with remediation plans.


Who is it for?

IT & Engineering Managers

Technical Managers often have to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical requirements. Our reports help by offering a wide range of information from performance metrics to detailed solutions to risks.

Compliance Officers

Our reports provide insights that allow Compliance Officers to navigate the tricky terrain of regulations in industries like Insurance, Healthcare, and Finances.


For CISOs, understanding the organization's security posture is paramount. With VScanner's reports, they can make informed decisions on where to allocate resources for maximum impact on security.

USE cases

Our Reports in Action

Regulatory Compliance

Easily meet and demonstrate compliance with regulatory frameworks like GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA. Our reports come with audit-ready documentation, facilitating a smoother, more transparent audit process.

False Positive Control

Enhancing our security measures has involved tightening our security policies, which, unfortunately, has led to an increase in the number of false positives. Our primary objective is to ensure your utmost security at all times.

Third-Party Integration

Share comprehensive security reports with potential partners to facilitate integration processes. Demonstrate that your systems exceed industry security standards and build trust for smoother collaborations.

Stakeholder Communication

Convey crucial security insights to stakeholders. Our Executive Summary and Technical Reports translate complex vulnerabilities into actionable insights and high-level overviews suitable for any audience.

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