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Gain access to audit-ready cyber risk reports and actionable insights, ensuring you exceed compliance standards.

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Risk assessment

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Systematically find risk vectors and their security weaknesses in your infrastructure.

Remediation Plans

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Audit-ready reports

Reports for Different Stakeholders

Technical Report

The Technical Report is the ultimate tool for cybersecurity experts and developers who need to get into the technical details of vulnerabilities. This is perfect for uncovering the risks and solving them quickly.

Executive Summary

Designed for decision-makers (e.g., CISO), our Executive Summary template distills the complexity of your vulnerability scans into a high-level overview with an action plan with prioritized tasks and a risk score.


Security Rating

Get a data-driven, objective risk score that measures your company's adherence to solid security guidelines.


Based on scoring standards from the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).


Your score is updated continuously according to your current security posture.


Get an estimated loss in case of an incident to understand your financial exposure.

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